Latest Samsung WW80J6410CX Review

If you are looking for a new washing machine, you should consider the Samsung WW80J6410CX. This is a high quality appliance, as you would expect from this leading brand, and boasts many excellent and useful features. Find out everything that you need to know in this Samsung WW80J6410CX Review and make an informed choice.

This impressive machine, produced by market leader Samsung, has plenty going for it. With a large drum which holds 8 kg of washing with ease (the weight equivalent of no less than 25 men’s shirts), it is the perfect washing machine to suit the needs of any family, and makes light work of the weekly wash for all but the largest of households.

One handy feature is the display which counts down until the end of the wash, making it really easy to see how much longer the cycle has left to run. There is also a convenient time delay feature which allows you to wait until the right time to begin your wash as well as a child lock which will protect the machine from being accidentally tampered with by your little ones. There are a number of specific programs designed for different types of wash, including the quick wash facility for when you’re in a hurry, a bedding cycle and even a baby clothes wash feature.

Samsung’s Ecobubble washing machines have adopted a cutting edge technology which allows water to mix with the detergent before it enters the appliance’s drum. This improves the machine’s ability to clean laundry effectively.

The Avantages Of This Machine
The Samsung WW80J6410CX cleans laundry to the highest standard, especially on the cotton and synthetic cycles. It also ensures clothes are rinsed thoroughly following the wash cycle, and you won’t be able to detect any traces of detergent on your clothing when you remove it from the machine. The fast spin cycle aids your clothes to dry more rapidly, saving you money on your energy bills or making line drying much more speedy. The machine is also really simple to use, which is ideal for those who don’t want to struggle to understand a complex appliance, or plough through a complicated instruction manual. Its user friendly control panel makes selecting the right program for your wash a breeze, and the detergent tray is self-explanatory and ease to use. The machine costs around the average to run, which is good value considering that it holds a larger than average load size.

Are There Any Downsides To This Appliance?
There are certainly more positives than negatives to choosing the Samsung WW80J6410CX, however there are one or two disadvantages to look out for. The first is that, as you might expect with an appliance that has an 8 kg drum, it uses a large amount of water, and certainly more than the average washing machine, which may push up your home water bills if you have a water meter fitted in your home. It is also rather slow when using the synthetic washing cycle, although the results of this wash are very good. The spin cycle is also quite loud, so if your machine is located close to your living space, you may want to bear this is mind.


Is This A Good Purchase?
If you are looking for a great quality machine that produces really clean washing, and don’t mind paying a little more than average, this is an excellent appliance for you.