Miele WDA101 Washing Machine Review

If you need a new washing machine and are looking to purchase a premium product, you may want to consider the Miele WDA101. This appliance comes in at the higher end of the price scale, however it offers plenty of features for your money as well as an impressive A+++ energy rating, meaning that it costs less to run. So what do you need to know about this machine in order to make a decision about whether it is the right washing appliance for you? Find out all the facts in this Miele WDA101 Review.




All About The Miele WDA101

The Miele WDA101 does not disappoint when it comes to delivering an excellent quality wash. As you would expect from a leading name in home appliances, the WDA101 ensures high standards of cleanliness from your laundry and a super fast 1400 rpm spin cycle. On both the synthetics and cotton cycles, laundry was removed from the machine spotlessly clean and as the spin is so speedy, users can rest assured that they will save money on their energy bills when it comes to using their dryer or will not have to wait for hours for wet garments to line dry. This is a good choice of machine for most families who do one or two loads of washing per week.


Advantages of the Miele WDA101

The greatest advantage of this laundry appliance is its high quality washing power. No matter which cycle is used, the results are excellent, meaning that you can safely wash your laundry at 40°C and never worry about hygiene or poor standards of cleanliness. Unlike other machines that have a slower spin cycle, you can be sure that your garments will be removed following their wash and spin cycle ready to put straight into the tumble dryer or right out on the washing line without excess water being retained.


Disadvantages of this Machine

While the machine washes extremely well, there are some downsides to selecting this appliance. The first, although by no means a deal breaker, is the appearance of the washing machine, which is distinctly ordinary. It also has a drum size that is slightly smaller than the average. While many washing machines today have a load capacity of around 8 kg, this appliance only holds 7 kg of clothing for a cotton cycle and even less if you are loading it with synthetics. This means that you may need to run the machine more frequently, which could be a problem for larger families or those who produce a lot of laundry in an average week. The rinse cycle is also not as effective as some other machines, although its results are still pretty good. The wash cycles are also quite long to reach completion – around three hours to finish a load of cottons and around two hours for a load of synthetics. While the wash results are good, these programs do run for longer than some other machines.



Is the Miele WDA101 a Good Choice?

If you are looking for a good quality machine that produces excellent results and are prepared to pay a premium price, the Miele WDA101 is a strong contender.