Our Unbiased Review Of The Hotpoint WMFUG742P Washing Machine

If you are looking for a washing machine on a budget, the Hotpoint WMFUG742P may have come to your attention. Costing less than other similar appliances, this machine has a slightly smaller than average drum size of 7 kg which is the weight equivalent of around 23 standard men’s shirts. The machine was manufactured by a well known brand and is simple to use, so if you are interested in finding out more about this appliance to see if it might be the best choice for your laundry needs, read this Hotpoint WMFUG742P review.



Information about the Hotpoint WMFUG742P

Hotpoint spares have produced this standard capacity washing machine which is aimed at average sized households who only do one or two loads of washing during the week. The machine does offer several different varieties of cycle and features an easy to see and understand LCD panel, which makes the appliance quite simple to get to grips with.


What are the Advantages of the Hotpoint WMFUG742P?

Hotpoint are a well known brand, famous for their household white goods appliances, and this machine does have some good features which you would expect from a popular manufacturer. Firstly, the Hotpoint WMFUG742P has an extremely efficient spin cycle which removes the majority of excess water from garments so that when they are removed from the machine they are ready to hang straight on the line or to put straight into the tumble dryer. Because the spin cycle is so effective, you will save money on your energy bills if you dry your laundry in a tumble dryer and you will not have to wait for hours for clothing to line dry. This appliance also features a large opening into its drum, and with its large door handle it makes the machine easy to open without requiring any undue force. As the LCD display is large and clear, it is also easy to read.



What are the Downsides to the Hotpoint WMFUG742P?

Unfortunately, in the case of this appliance, there are more negatives than positives to report. The Hotpoint WMFUG742P fails to live up to the expectations of this well known brand in several areas. Firstly, cleaning standards are rather poor, with the results on most cycles being distinctly average and the 40° synthetics cycle producing extremely poor cleaning standards. If your garments are only lightly soiled, this may not be too great a problem, however this appliance is unable to cope with very heavily soiled clothing. The rinse cycle is also below par and struggles to remove all traces of detergent from clothing. Not only are the results of the wash cycles not up to scratch but the machine is also quite noisy too. The spin cycle is much louder than usual and the wash cycle is not exactly quiet either. Because the Hotpoint WMFUG742P only holds up to 7 kg of laundry, it is also not the ideal choice for larger families or those who produce more than a couple of loads of washing per week.


Is the Hotpoint WMFUG742P a Good Choice?

In general, there are more negatives than positives to choosing this machine and it would be best avoided due to its poor washing results and noisy spin cycle.